It's a Boy!

It's a Boy!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lucky Strikes or Missing Duck

Our Church Bowling League is a lot of fun.  We started out 7 years ago with about ten teams of 4 bowlers each.  This year we have 14 teams and most teams have 5 bowlers.  Teams with only have 4 bowlers get a "dummy" score of 120 to make up for the fifth bowler.  Our team included Duck and myself and our good friends, Doug and Sharon, and we called ourselves the "Lucky Strikes," which is self-explanatory.  We always had a "dummy" bowler--that would be in addition to Duck.  Just kiddin', Duck.

Duck injured a ligament a few weeks back, and because he can't bowl without sliding, the doctor told him that in order to avoid further injury, he should not bowl this year.  That left us with only 3 bowlers.  Hattie and Scott joined our team and now we are a team of five. After the first night of bowling this season, we decided to temporarily change the name of our team from the "Lucky Strikes" to "Missing Duck."  Some teams have t-shirts and we thought that since we are "Missing Duck," we are like Duck hunters, and we opted for camouflage shirts.  Accessorizing will be a blast.

Now the "Tipcos," were last year's champions and last night we bowled against the Tipcos. They are consistently good bowlers. We are more of what you could describe as "sporadic" bowlers.  We all have our moments, but rarely on the same night and even less often during the same game.  I don't know what strange phenomen were at work last night, but we did really well.  The Tipcos seemed a little off, and we won all three games and total points in a stunning upset.

As the evening wore on the name of our team went from "Missing Duck," to "Who Needs Duck," and then, finally, "Duck, Who?"  It is all in good fun, though, and the next time we bowl, things will be back to normal and we'll all be "Missing Duck" again.

I was telling Sharon that for Halloween this past year Hattie and Scott went as "Octomom" and her doctor.  She said she'd like to see a picture, so it is the Picture of the Day.


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  1. I was at the bowling alley last night to pick up eggs. I saw you, but your turn was up. Love the new name of your team and I love the Octomom get-up!