It's a Boy!

It's a Boy!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wow!  I already have two followers.  Now I have to try to keep this blogging thing going.  I have a lot to learn, though.  For example, this morning I signed myself up as my own follower.  So for a little while I actually had three people following my blog.  Eventually I figured out how to delete myself.

For some reason I feel more organized since deciding to do this blog.  Is it possible that blogging helps one to become more organized; more focused.  For example, on Monday I talked about what I made for supper--the Creamed Broccoli Beer Soup and Swedish Cornbread.  That got me started to think about the next day's dinner.  Early in the morning I sat down with my coffee and a couple of cookbooks and I started planning my meals for several days ahead.  I hardly ever do that. 

The Church Lady has inspired me to try to eat healthier and to try to lose weight.  Even if I don't lose weight, I have resolved to eat healthier.  It just takes a little planning, and a little preparation.  Last night's dinner was Black Bean Burgers with Parmesan in a Tomato Basil Sauce.  We had lettuce with apples and pecans with that.  Tonight we are having Maple Glazed Meatloaf and Peas with Honey.  These two recipes are low carb recipes.  Duck raved about the Black Bean Burgers.

I am posting the Broccoli Beer Soup recipe (I'm going to attempt that, anyway).  It really is delicious.  I hope you will try it.



  1. I just found a recipe for black bean burgers and was thinking about trying it. I just don't know how Amoeba will feel about the endeavor. And do I tell him what it is, or just put the foo on his plate and wit to see if he likes it?

    I just posted a book review of The Daniel Fast yesterday. I don't know that I could follow the fast without going on a 21 day retreat (Amoeba again) but I leaning toward much more healthy cooking and this book is full of great natural grain & fresh vegetable recipes.

    Oh -- and Church Lady sent me. (You won't really find me at the comment link, I do not use blogger.)

  2. Hattie is such a beautiful girl! They make a nice looking couple!

    I like that you posted the Broccoli and Beer Cheese Soup. I have already copied it down and I plan on making it. The popcorn garnish sounds interesting!

    Yep, I think you will like this blogging thing. It is addicting.

  3. Hey Sal - just to let you know - the comment link above this post is not loading and that is why you don't have any comments. Check your comment settings.